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Reptile Hobby Survey

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  • Reptile Hobby Survey

    The Ratsnake Foundation have launched there sister site today a site specifically to run a series of surveys, on various aspects of the hobby, ratsnake husbandry, breedinig etc.

    The site is open to anyone, anywhere to participate in, as, that way, we feel we will get a broader audience and greater participation. There is a simple captcha to complete before taking the survey, this is in place soley to stop spam bots from submitting there junk through it (not to test your maths ability ).

    The results of the surveys will be published on the Ratsnake Foundation and also in other herpetological societies newsletters who are co-operating with us.

    Please take a moment to visit the site and take the survey your participation is greatly appreciated - Thank you

    The Reptile Hobby Survey