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About import my pet turtle

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  • About import my pet turtle

    Hello everyone,
    I come from TAIWAN(ASIA).I would like to bring my pet turtle to Germany.Is that legal to take the Red-Eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) turtle to Germany? If it's ok to take RES into Germany,what document should I prepare for quarantine? What should I do when I arrive at the airport customs? Does anyone have any experience about import pet turtle?

    I've checked the website:Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and Germany.Info(for USA).Both didn't mention about the RES and importing from ASIA.The RES isn't on the CITES list, but Somebody says RES can't import into EU.Is that true!??

    I really want to bring my turtle with me
    Thanks a lot!
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    as far as I know it's prohibited to import Trachemys scritp elegans to Germany. The reason for this is, that this species was a great subject for pet trading in the 80's and 90's which resulted in a great number of turtles being released to the wild once they grew too big for their keepers. T.s.e. was and still is a threat to wildlife in Germany (as same as several other north american turtle species).

    This should be the correct link for the corresponding government paper (species listed as Chrysemys scripta elegans).

    However, I'd contact the German Customs and make a request to import the sepcimen anyway. You'd never know you could be lucky.

    Best regards,

    Obwohl ich die mächtige Suchfunktion benutzt, meinen nächstgelegenen reptilienkundigen Tierarzt aufgesucht, die veterinärmedizinische Datenbank durchsucht, mein Tier den gesetzlichen Mindestanforderungen zur Reptilienhaltung gemäß untergebracht... und den Nachbarn des Schwippschwagers meiner Großtante befragt habe, ist meine Frage immer noch unbeantwortet!